Dear San Mateo Rotarian,
   International Service is one of five important Avenues of Rotary Service.
   We urge you to support the Rotary Club of San Mateo’s International Service
   efforts by contributing to our 2020 Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY)
   Campaign (October   8th  –   November 5th).  In addition to your annual
   contribution, we encourage you to become personally involved with one or
   more of our grants and projects.
   The Rotary Foundation’s (TRF) Annual Fund Share returns EREY donations 
   back to our club as District Designated Funds (DDF).  Our club, with the guidance
   of our International Service Committee, then decides how to use that DDF, either
   for District or Global Grants.  DDF used for Global Grants qualifies for a 100%
   match from TRF,   and,   as with our club’s Guatemala Grant, helps Rotary grow
   local economies, fight   disease, boost basic education, fight climate change, and
   eradicate Polio worldwide.
Our club’s primary goal for EREY this year is to demonstrate our strong support for Rotary’s International Service.  As a club we are seeking to have total giving reach $100/member with all members contributing at least $25.  As individuals we are seeking to have 100% of our members become Paul Harris Fellows.
These goals are a stretch, but with your commitment to International Service and the following incentives, we are confident of success.
•          District 5150 is offering a 1:1 match for contributions from $1 – $250.
            (A $250 contribution with a $250 match = ½ of points to become a Paul Harris Fellow)
•          The SMRC will also be offering an incentive match – details to be announced.
•          All donors will be invited to a SMRC Social Hour at Poplar Creek (outdoors/socially distanced/masked when not eating or drinking –
date and details to be announced.)         
•          District 5150 is conducting its traditional incentive program with a District Virtual Event to be held on November 21st. See one of the San Mateo
           Rotary EREY team members for more details.
LET’S DO IT!     Time to return to the BLUE DONATE BAR at the top of the page and support our International Service with your EREY Donation. 
Susan Winks
Susan Winks
Club President
While we prefer that you donate to the EREY Annual Fund Share using our club’s website, there are these other options to support Rotary’s International Avenue of Service.  You can learn more by clicking on the link below for each option.
•          Rotary Direct:  Rotary’s Recurring Easy Payment Plan
            (counts toward our club’s DDF, Paul Harris Fellow status, and the District 5150 Drawing)
•          Rotary Contribution Form:  Contribute to other Rotary International Priorities
            (counts toward Paul Harris Fellow status but doesn’t contribute to our club’s DDF or               
            qualify for District 5150 Drawing)
•          Polio Plus Society:  New District 5150 program to support Polio Plus
            (counts toward Paul Harris Fellow but not our club’s DDF or the District 5150 Drawing)