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Twenty-nine s***t-kickers from Rotary braved wind and rain for the warmth of the Swingin' Door Pub last Saturday and had a rockin' good time, thanks to the efforts of Anne LeClair and Liz Mayta.
It's amazing how many know the lyrics to Sweet Caroline. And how they can't sing it.
The pictures tell the tale.


Judy Dombrowsky has been keeping the day-to-day accounts and handling club tax issues for more than 10 years. And every time you saw her she was smiling. A more gracious and kindly helpmeet the club cannot find…unless you count her replacement, Yolanda Haskins, who appears equally equananimous and competentiferous. Thank you, Judy, and welcome to the club, Yolanda.
President Bruce presented Judy with a small token of the club's appreciation.
Yolanda Haskins


Dick Bennett reminds of the joint Membership Party Feb. 13 at Hiller Aviation Museum, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.
Also Ask a Friend, Bring a Friend every Thursday because the best way to attract new members is to show them what we're all about — fancy that.


Thanks to Mayor Diane Papan's "reveal" a couple weeks back, about 28 Rotarians have signed up to attend the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce Business Awards Dinner Feb. 21 to share in the glory of Rotary being named to receive the Mayor's Award. Rotarians and guests are $140 per person.
Dick Bennett, Cheryl Angeles or the Chamber can handle late signups.
This announcement was fodder for our comic speaker, Kurtis Matthews, as the PowerPoint slide on the screen read "March 21" and PresEditent Bean did a live slide edit to post the correct one.


…you should sign up to help distribute dictionaries to third-graders in San Mateo schools. This is a very rewarding duty that requires little more than an hour of your time and fills you with great joy to see how excited these students are to receive a dictionary of their very own. Heartwarming in the digital age. Contact Mike Peterson to volunteer.


Kurtis Matthews
Addict Recovery Comedy
Founder of San Francisco Comedy College
Craig Judy accepted the duty of introducing Mr. Matthews and received the first punchline: "Thanks, Craig," he said, "that was very lifelike."
With 9,000 people having run through his program, he said they've all found that "it's cheaper than therapy."
Lately he's switched to "comedy and corporate," not an unholy marriage considering how these days you either have to cash in your 401K or just sit in a corner and laugh.
Everyone's funny — "take all that garbage (about not being funny) out of your mind" — "They asked if I wanted to work a Rotary Club. I said no."
Why be humorous in business? "It helps you get hired."
Mr. Matthews reeled off a list of statistics that prove funny people help productivity, are more confident, help inspire confidence in others, increase likelihood of promotion.
For example, Rotarians are successful and "I felt welcome here because I assume you are good, honorable people. I don't know the horrible things you do."
Funny people compel people to open up. "People who watch funny video clips share 30 percent more personal information."
Best story? Brian.
Matthews got his start as a corporate purchasing agent. The company planned an offsite, at a bowling alley, and the staff all dragged themselves to a day away. Brian felt compelled to email a postmortem to everyone in the company to say he hoped everyone had a good time, because "I didn't."
Among the insults was his having size 13 feet and all they had was size 11 bowling shoes.
Matthews was compelled to reply all to say it was too bad Brian had a bad time. "I've got size 11 feet and all they had was size 13. So I took them."
There followed some great presentation about the nature of comedy, why it works, how to make it work, how Chaplin's comedy worked and more.
We'll exit with a gag from Henny Youngman.
"A woman spent the whole night knocking on my hotel room door.
"So I let her out."


Angel Riley detailed the life of Confucius, the teacher and philospher who lived for a part of his life in Taiwan, Vietnam and other areas of Asia.


Peter Webb
Today is Martin Harband‘s birthday. Did you know that he’s very much like Moses....he talks with God
And he went to the mountaintop and asked God “what does a million years mean to you”?
the Lord replied “a minute.“ Martin asked “and what does billion dollars mean to you? “
And the Lord replied “a penny “
Martin asked “can I have a penny “?
The Lord said, “ in a minute.”
Am I wrong, or do buffalo wings....taste like Chicken?


Sue Lempert introduced for the second time Ken Chin, who, she said, has agreed to run again for the San Mateo-Foster City Unified School District.
Erin Sinclair introduced Stephanie Kriebel of San Mateo Adult School.


PrezBean welcomed back Marsha Eddleman and Laura Bent after their absences.
Thank you a thousand times to Peter Webb for his excellent photography.
President Bruce Bean
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