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Sutter-Health’s Mobile Stroke Unit — perhaps due to be christened the DoorMobile — parked for tours outside Poplar Creek, represents a substantial commitment by philanthropists who not only funded it and the CT scanner with which it is equipped, they finance its staffing and operation.
The ending comes first in this Spinnings. Time is Brain. Every minute of delay in treating a stroke means death for two million brain cells so it’s critical to know the symptoms. The majority of strokes are recognized not by the stroke victim but by a family member or other person who knows what to look for.
Remember B•E•F•A•S•T
B-Balance Sudden loss of balance.
E-Eyes Sudden blurred vision, double vision or loss of vision.
F-Face Sudden facial weakness (uneven smile)
A-Arms Sudden inability to raise arm on one side
S-Speech Sudden slurred or garbled speech
T-Time Time is critical. Call 9-1-1
Rotary is hosted every Thursday by the Par 3 & the Lodge at Poplar Creek restaurant crew under owner Alicia Petrakis, also owner of the popular Three downtown.
Consistent with her announced goal of making Poplar Creek into a community gathering place, she invited reservations for the first New Year’s Eve gala at Poplar Creek.
There will be various packages for people to enjoy music and dancing, a choir room, a five-station food serving, a “bubble bar,” a photo booth and the traditional midnight ball drop.
Check out the full program and reserve your spot by pointing your browser to
Pass the Hat
Act 1: San Mateo Police Activities League and Samaritan House Holiday Gift Giving. Margaret Taylor, Yvonne Shiu and Samaritan House CEO Bart Charlow introduced San Mateo High School students Lea Wadhams and Macy Patel to detail the high schools’ annual canned food drive, which has a goal of 100,000 pounds of donated comestibles. Following the collection Ms. Wadhams and Patel reported that they raised enough funds for more than 1,000 pounds towards the goal.
Act 2: The annual tradition is to accumulate a tip for the Poplar Creek staff to recognize the effort they put in every year in service to the club. There was no announcement of the total this year.
As usual Ro Bianchi charmed with his News report about a fellow named Wallace Grant, who unfortunately passed in 1988. Mr. Grant began his career as a sparring partner to Gentleman Jim Corbett who, if you are too young to have heard of Gentleman Jim, was a champion of the bare-knuckle boxing profession of the 1920s. These guys sometimes went 100 rounds. Mr. Grant invented a technique of fast-setting concrete and during that career helped build UC Berkeley’s Memorial Stadium, the towers of the Carquinez Bridge, footings of the Bay Bridge and the south anchorage of the Golden Gate Bridge, a project that went awry when a caisson floated out to sea and had to be replaced. Diving to supervise the re-pour, Mr. Grant suffered the beds, which cost him his hearing. Ro became familiar with Wallace ‘Wally’ grant upon his marriage to Judy Rogers. Wally was Judy’s father.
Molly Haggerty, Pete Markovich and Steve Booker of the IBEW.
Sponsor Lisa Nash presented he circulr orange membership badge to newest member Thalia Sunderasan.
Over the past few months, several of you have asked about the possibility of our club developing a vision, mission statement, and strategic plan.  The Board discussed this suggestion at recent meetings and determined that the time is right to clarify our goals and vision.  
So, as we greet 2020, our club will embark upon several months of strategic planning with trained facilitators from District 5150 to help clearly delineate our vision and strategic goals for the next few years.  
We need your help in the following ways:
1.     Everyone in our club will be asked to complete a visioning survey.   Later this week I'll send you information about accessing the on-line survey which will open on Saturday, December 14th and close on Wednesday, January 15.  The surveys are confidential so please provide your candid feedback.  We hope the survey will (1) get you thinking about the future of our club, and (2) provide the facilitators with a sense of some of the issues club members may have.  The results will be compiled by District 5150 Visioning Coordinator Colleen Wright and will help guide our District Vision Facilitation Team of Ron Gin and Steve Wright.  Individual club members who respond to the survey will not be identified.  Please complete your survey promptly.
2.     On Thursday, January 23rd, our regular weekly meeting will be devoted to an interactive process where you will provide additional input that will help us as we develop our strategic plan.  Please mark your calendar and be sure to attend.
3.     25 members of our club will participate in a Vision Facilitation Session conducted by former Governor Ron Gin and Pacifica Rotarian Steve Wright on January 30th.  If you would like to participate in the Visioning Session, please see the details below and let me know of your interest.  Because we're limited to 25 participants, we may not be able to include everyone who would like to participate, but we very much want a representative cross section of our club, so we hope you'll throw your hat in the ring!  
Here's some more information on the Visioning Session to pique your interest! 
The purpose of the Vision Facilitation Session is to guide us through a process that will help determine a strategic vision for the future of our Rotary Club.  It is intended to:
  • Help develop a long-range plan or vision
  • Draft a brief mission statement to describe our purpose 
  • Identify our club's areas of highest priority
  • Provide the club leadership team with direction to help set annual goals 
  • Improve communication and develop a shared purpose 
  • Foster continuity and consistency and set the stage for future progress
How It Works
The facilitation planning process has been tested and implemented with Rotary clubs all over the world.  Our session will be led by expert facilitators who have been trained by Rotary District 5150 and who will guide club members through a series of questions and exercises.  The club members themselves will come up with the answers, ideas, and timeframes for future actions that impact the club. 
Participant Arrival and Departure
We hope you will participate in this session.  This is your chance to have a voice in the future direction of our club.
It is important that all participants arrive by 4:45 p.m.  and make arrangements to stay for the entire session, which is expected to go until 9 p.m.  It is a very full and tightly scheduled agenda, beginning with dinner when you arrive.  The program will start promptly at 5:15 p.m.  
Location and Parking
We're still working on a location, but it will be somewhere in San Mateo.
RSVPs to Visioning Session
As soon as possible, please let me know of your interest by emailing me at or by calling me at (650)218-7178.  It is important that we know exactly who is coming so we can make appropriate plans for the materials needed, dinner arrangements, and organization of the session itself.
I hope you'll join us in this important work and thanks in advance for participating!  If you have any other questions, please be sure to contact me.   
President Anne
Club Visioning Coordinator

President Anne Campbell
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