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Denise Pope, Stanford
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Don Shoecraft
Time to practice the memory drill World Memory Champion speaker Carlos Santos taught us. Here's your clue: DCTRRWESPHKRM Aren't you clever; you're right! It's backwards.
Feeling the fabric of time rend, Exuent President Bruce offered a patchwork intro: "It's National Sewing Machine Day. I know it's exciting to you, but I hope the Warriors can stitch another win today." Alas, the stitch was not in time.
June Lamb counsels the Thought that the answers are within; stop looking for them without.
In honor of Father's Day Peter Webb's son sent a nice card, a little money and a note that said, "Buy yourself something that will make your life easier." "So," Peter said, "I bought flowers for my wife." Pam's certain to hear about this.
Sunshine Report: Mitch Williams reports that Cheryl Angeles' mother, Patricia Anne Nixon, has passed.
He noted again that the late John Kelly's memorial would be held at Serra High's gym on June 20. At the time of writing it can be reported that 500 celebrants showed up to honor John.
Guests: Liz Mayta introduced Ray Brayer, Jerry Thompson, Nkia Richardson, Carrie Schartenberg, all of them newsmakers to follow.
Skip Howie presented his most excellent son, Bobby.
Visiting Rotarian: Kevin Redick came all the way from Stockton searching for "a cool place." First time San Mateo Rotary's ever been called cool.
The Envelopes Please: Dick Bennett and Erin Sinclair presented this week's recipients of Community Funding grants, NAMI and CASA and the Ombudsman of San Mateo County.
NAMI provides mental health services, CASA supports children and youth in the juvenile justice system and the Ombudsman visits and examines several hundred senior residence homes in the county to make sure they are up to snuff.
Receiving the awards were the above-named guests, plus our own Bernie Mellot, who is with the Ombudsman and who is good on the lookout for seniors.
Happy 26th
anniversary Jeff Lowenstein (nice beard. Keep working on it). It sounded like he offered $35 plus $18, the 18 in honor of his son, who was shown in theslide show. Parting shot from Jeff: "I hate Facebook."
Happy Birthday Oscar Lopez-Guerra, and may you have 80 more. The treasury needs it.
We are all better Rotarians for having heard our speaker, former National Memory Champion Carlos Santos. As for myself, I now remember where I put my shoes the night before, but I'm only slowly working up to finding my house keys.
Santos has presented his visualization and memorization method internationally and gave a taste last week. As the social hour progressed he wandered through the tables without speaking, only leveling his piercing gaze on every person at every table. The trick clearly would be to remember the names, so Luther Izmirian cruelly suggested to me that we switch name tags to liven things up.
Astonished we were, to quote Yoda, to have Mr. Santos go through every table and not only remember the names but connect them with every face. He even thwarted Luther's diabolical deception and correctly identified me, despite my fraudulent name tag. Luther probably didn't learn his lesson and will burn in hades.
Too bad if you missed it but the program was very interesting.
He got everyone to remember the sequence monkey, rope, kite, house, paper, shoe, envelope, worm, river, rock, tree, cheese, dollar. The technique was obviously simple because Chris Eckert could do it.
How long does President Bruce have left? I forget.
––Thank you Peter Webb for the photos

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