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We celebrate scholarships at the annual raffle drawing at Boston Private.



At exactly 12:16 PM on sunny Thursday, May 9, 2019, our esteemed President “Lame Duck” Bruce hit the bell and called our unruly group to order.


JODI DE SMIDT  lead the pledge, asking Rotarians “to place their hands on their OWN hearts”.  It could have been an unconscious concern about the fact husband Dave was standing next to her.






PETER WEBB regaled us with the “thought of the day.”

“Don’t forget Sunday is Mother’s Day” he admonished. “By the way, that is spelled with an apostrophe S. We celebrate Mother’s Day because it’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it. Congress established the holiday in 1914. Before that Congress, concerned that it would lead to a ‘mother in-law’ day, had refused. We celebrate the second Sunday in May, but many other countries have a variety of mother's days. Now remember, if at first you do not succeed, try doing it the way your mother taught you.”




NICOLE CHEROK did the “newscast”: A loud video was played. We could not see nor hear her because the lights were on, the sun was brightly shining through the windows and we all were talking among ourselves. I can only guess  what was going on at the podium and being shown on the screen.  I heard music that reminded me of the Lone Ranger and horse Silver. I am sure we can arrange for NICOLE  to send you a copy of the video if you so desire. Something was said about being “for adults only.” 



MIKE PETERSON justifiably bragged about the awesome work of his committee: 603 tickets sold by noon, mentioning the amazing help of, NANCY STANTON, 59; SUE WINKS,  27; departing “Energizer Bunny” ANNE HALL LECLAIR,  23.  Mind you, we are not talking about their ages!










Weekly prizes were given to Messers. SKROMME, RAYBIN and KENNEY. 


Visiting Rotarian: GORDIY RYBCHYNSKY, an Oncologist from Ukraine, member of the Lviv Rotary Club. GORDIY spoke to  our Club briefly and narrated two very funny human stories.


Also JIM ENGEL, former San Mateo Rotarian, here from Tucson, Arizona to tend bar at the raffle tonight. WOW! Thank you Jim! 







Involuntary Rotary Contributions were imposed upon: TOM HUENING for rowing on a Japanese lake.







MITCH POSTEL for 35 wonderful years at the helm of the San Mateo County Historical Association. Our modest MITCH has done a yeoman’s job (do you need a dictionary?) with this organization. Their headquarters are the  perfect venue for a historical museum, and their forthcoming expansion will put them at the same level as Paris’ Louvre.





Proud Papa JEFF LOWENSTEIN was relieved of a few dollars in honor of his son Ryan reaching legal drinking age. Ryan is on his way to Cal Poly! DENNIS THOMAS gave President Bruce a $50 down payment on the forthcoming $199,950 wedding of his only daughter. She has two siblings. DAVE BENNETT felt guilty for reporting him so he contributed equally.


INCOMING PRESIDENT ANNE CAMPBELL reminded us all to respond to her special email message soliciting feedback, confirmation, denial or any needed or desired change to the committee assignments you are expected to be part of during 2019-20. 

Anne calculates it would take you about 15 minutes to review and answer all the questions but if you really know what you are doing, it may  only take you 4 minutes.






Our speaker was US Army Colonel PAUL KRATTIGER.  What started as a few years’ commitment to serve his country morphed  into what is currently an ongoing 20 year-plus successful military career full of challenges, accomplishments and personal loss. PAUL graduated West Point in 1997 with a bachelor of science degree in economics. His vast list of accomplishments and assignments since then could fill several pages of a book. The many sacrifices made by this articulate young officer speak  loudly to his love of country. Uprooting his wife and two little girls, long absences and the loss of several buddies and soldiers under his command, has to be extremely hard.

He is currently doing research at the Hoover Institution, focusing  on the role of the US education system and its impact on National Security. Upon completion of his fellowship, Colonel KRATTIGER will assume command of the 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 1st. infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kansas. 

We salute you, Colonel, and thank you for your service!




The following is an update from Walt McCullough regarding a recent presentation by Ltg. H.R. McMaster, former National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump

    If you missed our sold-out George P. Shultz Lecture featuring LTG H.R. McMaster, USA (Ret), former National Security Advisor, we hope you will enjoy the video, now available on

Short on time?  You can also find preview and extended versions on our YouTube channel.  Don't forget to follow us to get updates on all future event videos. 
  • We have several exciting events coming up, including our Salute to Vietnam Veterans, our D-Day Commemoration, and a Meet the Author with General Stanley McChrystal.  Check out our events calendar for more details! 
  • Our fantastic commemorative and educational events are only possible through donations from our members and supporters.  If you are interested in underwriting an event, please email



Next Week’s Speaker: TOM BORMES, former San Mateo Rotarian, Past President and past District Governor. 

Topic: Future Thinking 





And that’s the way it is…



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