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Sheila Canzian
**No meeting at Poplar Creek on Thursday, April 25, THIS WEEK due to Hillsdale Effect BBQ at Beresford Shelter**
(Do Not Come to Poplar Creek for Lunch. Go to Beresford Shelter in Beresford Park.)
Warm weather abounds and spring is definitely here…a season for baby chicks, rabbits and lame duck President Bean!  Chris DeLong led us in the Pledge and Susan Manheimer’s Thought for the Day was an uplifting piece by Clarissa Pinkoles Estes about not losing hope in these seemingly unending turbulent times “There will always be times when you feel discouraged. I too have felt despair many times in my life but I do not keep a chair for it; I will not entertain it. It is not allowed to eat from my plate.”
PP Tony Villanueva delivered the Poop on Peeps…the Easter candy that sells 1.5 billion a year that no one admits to eating!  No mystery that it starts life as a sugary slurry…gelatin added…more sugar…vanilla extract added…more sugar…coloring added…more sugar… whipped to fluff and then finally sent through “The Depositor” where it comes out the other end and of course finished with…more sugar!  But all of that sugar will only cost you 28 calories and 3 cavities!
Mitch William’s Sunshine Report once again noted the sad news of the passing of former Rotarian Kristen Jensen’s daughter, Gabby.  No news on services quite yet.
We welcomed only one Visiting Rotarian, Bryan Neider from San Mateo North (AKA Burlingame) and PP Chris Eckert introduced his guest, wife Kelli whom he credits as his personal dresser. 
Raffle Report-Mike Peterson announced that “a lot” of tickets have been sold.  Ever dapper Dick DeLuna lent his years of experience by announcing the weekly raffle winners… Kristi Spence, Gary Hunt, Rich Orr and Tom Stucker who graciously waived his prize and donated it instead to Mike Peterson for all his work with the raffle.  Keep selling those tickets ; - )
John Root recognized the hard working members of the 4 Year Scholarship Interview Committee who spent the previous two nights interviewing 20+ outstanding students and then deliberating over award amounts.  Many thanks as well to Rotarian mentors!  Scholarship Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, May 2.
Leadership Program Alumni Mixer coming up on May 9 (see Liz Mayta for details)
Outta lucka for Mama Mia tickets
Sweat Equity/Earth Day Tree Planting, Monday April 22-Los Prados Park at 8:30
Men Separated from Their Money
Mike Kelly whose son hit a home run for UC Davis against local pride Stanford
Hal Fick who celebrated a “dividable by 10” Birthday (yes, 40 again) who was also joined by son Steve in joining the Pres’s Club
Rich Orr who joined on wife Marilyn’s behalf as they celebrated her retirement from Boston Private Bank and enjoyed their own private Elvis sighting
Clarke Funkhouser who peddled and drank his way through Italy, leaving no bottle unopened and gave up soon to fined fellow Rotarian Peter Sortwell as a co-conspirator.
Today’s Speaker
Professor Jim Sheehan
Professor Emeritus from Stanford University Jim Sheehan spoke about the historical trends in world-wide immigration and why there is no single cause (nor solution) to the immigration crisis’ many nations are facing.  Some interesting facts:
  • One-half of the people who migrate will eventually return home
  • People migrate for different reasons…some populations are forced to move as a result of political upheaval…some voluntarily choose to relocate and some are need driven, torn between whether to stay where they are or move to find better conditions
  • The numbers of migrants have grown simply because the world’s population has grown
  • The origin of immigrants to the United States has shifted from predominantly European based (through the 1960’s) to now coming from Asia and Central America.  Europe is now a destination for immigration
  • Climate change will force more migration in the future as some areas will become too hot to support sustainable living conditions
  • Governments will continue to struggle with finding the correct balance between those who are fearful of globalization and wish to protect national and cultural identify with those who view the benefits of globalization and wish to expand the circle of equality
(For more on Professor Sheehan’s talk, check out Sue Lempert’s April 22 column in the Daily Journal)
— On assignment, your cub reporter-Sheila Canzian
(Who deserves many kudos for stepping up! (Ed.))
Thank you to Dick Bennett for photos

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