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Peter Webb

Honors in absentia

Past President Peter Webb filled in for Anne Campbell, who’s in Europe.
Carol Boes gave the Pledge.
June Lamb offered a thought from George Bernard Shaw.
Ro Bianci told a story about outsmarting hippie protestors years ago in SF. Ro has organized the Newscasters for years.
There were no Rotarians visiting but several guests  were present, including returning Kristin Jensen.
Bill Kenney told of the death of Mary Jane Kunz the wife of former long-time Rotarian paving contractor Jerry Kunz. She played golf, tennis, bridge and was loved by many.
Carey Gorgolinski introduced Oct birthday boys Matt Lau, Craig Judy and Peter Webb.
Carol Boes     June Lamb
  Ro Bianchi
  Bill Kenney

Some Fun History

Past President Peter recalled 11 years ago when Susan Lopez-Guerra and David Lim had the vision to start the Rotary Fun Run event. That first year they raised about $10,000 and it’s grown ever since…now under Alan Talansky and Juan Raigoza‘s leadership.

Four Rotarians dressed as a cat, unicorn, a French waiter, and Wonder Woman highlighted the Halloween costume theme for this year’s October 20 race.

Getting with the Program

Martin Harband was lauded as the czar of the program committee, producing wonderful, enlightening programs for our club week after week. He shared the credit with the members of his committee who stood for applause. Martin joined President Anne’s Presidents Club in honor of his newest 1 mo old grandchild Jaxen.

Jeff Sosnick was highlighted for his return to Rotary after being absent for a while, and his contribution of candy for the Rotary race runners goody bags.

Oscar Lopez-Guerra was honored for a lifetime of service to Rotary. He moved here from Peru when he was 22 years old for a job with Grace Lines. He originally had planned for stay for three years, but to our good fortune he decided to become an entrepreneur and has been here ever since.

He was president in 1981-2 and now is serving a two-year term starting this year on our club’s Board of Directors, adding a past president senior statesman perspective to the board.

Walt McCullough, who has brought more speakers to Rotary than any other single person, introduced the speaker, Dr. Jane Baxter.
She is a doctor of audiology with a practice in Menlo Park.  She spoke of the causes of hearing loss and the interventions that are available to ameliorate the problem.
She started a Bay area nonprofit called the Pacific Hearing Connection that provides free or low-cost hearing care for the needy in our area.
She also provides aid for 3rd world poor as a traveling member of Entheos, which serves in Guatemala, Ecuador, Zambia,Mozambique and Jordan. Rotary has assisted her in several missions. She now provides traveling internships for interested college students. 

As the meeting closed, Rosemary Azem, our Rotary International conscience, reminded members to buy $10 raffle tickets where over 90% goes to such missions. 
And members are reminded to pay for their meal because Poplar Creek charges for each person present. 
By Peter Webb
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