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ATTENTION ROTARIANS: We're testing live streaming meeting video and, like space travel, we expect to get lost once in a while. Bear with us and click the following link to view video of the July 17, 2019. Remember to turn up the volume.
Eventually you will be able to Zoom live video from the meeting — just think of it, all the drama and thrills of a real Rotary meeting on your iPad, computer or smart phone without having to drive to Poplar Creek!
We also feature today a meeting slide show; simply click the album title below. You, too, can have a Spinnings slide show of your own to share with your fellow Rotarians — just email your photos to We'll get them up in the next issue. Photograph your lunch mates. Photograph your lunch! Send us a picture of your lunch guest/prospective member (be sure to include names).
If all this makes your head spin, imagine what it's doing to President Anne Campbell Souper (yes, it begins).
Brian Sullivan introduced Will Max, son of former Rotarian Jean Decker. Dick Bennett introduced an attorney for the Federal Trade Commission.
Peter Webb noted that Prezid-Anne had delayed calling for The News until after announcements. Two of my favorite songs: Change She's A-Comin' and If You're Not On Board Yer Standin' On the Tracks.
"I guess there's a new President and a new way of doing things," Peter said. As the group "Ooohed" and "Aaahd," anticipating some kind of reaction, Peter blunted the burn: "…As it should be."
He proceeded to enumerate things that are, but shouldn't be: "Why is a boxing ring square? Why is the guy who manages your money called a BROKE-er? If Fedex and UPS ever merged would you call it FED-UP? Why do they nail down the lid of a coffin? Do employees at Lipton Tea take coffee breaks? If there is thirty-one and twenty-one, shouldn't 11 be 'onety-one'? Why don't you ever see a headline that says 'Psychic Wins Lottery?'"
Here's one from over here: When Donald Trump tweets shouldn't it be called a 'twerp?'
We actually got emails from people asking "Why is President Anne calling it 'Aloha Thursday?" Hell, I don't know. Turns out it has everything to do with new Rotary International President Mark Daniel Maloney, the man with three names. His 2020 international conference is in Honolulu, Hawaii. His goals include resurrecting international ties, since Rotary has a history of forging these bonds — it had a pivotal role in the formation of the United Nations. He hasn't said anything yet about making buddy-buddy with Kim Jong Un, Vlad Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Duterte or Maduro, but stay tuned.
The Honolulu connection also explained why President-Elect Sue Winks greeted everyone in a mumu and lei'd every last Rotarian.
For Anne's part she highlighted the work of Brian Sullivan, Rosemary Azem and John Barett, our international mavens.
Lastly, it explained her collection of Popsicle© sticks with names on them. Apparently there will be an activity every week and participants' names will be drawn from those very same Popsicle© sticks.
This week the lucky Stickers were John deRussy, Kristi Spence, Steve Fick, Liz Mayta and Nicole Cherok, who made up three teams of two players each for the Aloha Team Challenge! Answer quiz questions correctly and win from a pretty lavish collection of prizes, the crowning gem of which was a can of Spam, which was quickly snapped up by Kristi, who sheepishly confessed, "Believe it or not, my husband loves this stuff." The rumor that spinach made Bob tall is thereby debunked.
Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Evan Jones filled in for Lee Osborne and presented a pretty inspiring rundown of boys and girls club rationale and raison d'etre.
It's worth watching. Go back up to the video link and view it. When — not if — you have difficulties email the Spinnings Editor above. We'll send out a rover to see if we can find him.
Evan also received a $2,000 donation from the club's Community Service fund, as did CuriOdyssey's and our own Rachel Meyer.
Gratitude and appreciation to Peter Webb for his photography

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