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Rotary Spinnings for March 21st , 2019
Thank you to Don Shoecraft, for the photos & Notes!
The Prelude…
 Sunshine Report; it was reported sadly that Jeff Bass’ wife, Lisa, has passed away - a card was passed for signatures. Bernie Mellot had back surgery.

Guests; Laura Bent introduced her mother, Lillian. Sue Lempert introduced Kenneth Chin for the third time.

Sue Lempert  invited Rotarians to participate in the 2-year college scholarship interview process. The 2-year scholarship has 30 applicants and would appreciate Member help.

Steve McDonald plugged Rotary Haciendas and Rotary Floritas and the management of his company, HIP Housing. He reminded everyone of the work of Lee Osborne and the late Ed Johnson and Lou Roe who put the original housing projects together. A total 117 seniors live at Rotary’s two housing projects at an average rent below $900 per month. For Steve's hard work he was given the right to join the President’s Club. Anyone interested in participating who receives the club’s Community Service grants should plan to stay after the April 11 Rotary Club luncheon to meet with the group.

Today's Speaker…
Carl Guardino, CEO
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Intro by Walt McCullough,
Mr. Guardino was born and raised in San Jose and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from San Jose State University, where he is a Distinguished Alumnus. He is a member of Junior Achievement’s “Silicon Valley Business Hall of Fame” and the recipient of the “Lifetime Achievement Award” from City Year, and was the second recipient of the “American Public Transit Association’s Business Executive of the Year.”
Mr. Guardino has been the chief executive of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group since January 1997. He previously served as vice president of the organization between 1991 and 1995. He also held an executive position in governmental affairs with Hewlett-Packard and he spent six years on the staff of Central Valley Assemblyman Rusty Areias, the last three as his chief assistant.
Known throughout the region as a consensus builder, Guardino has championed a number of successful ballot measures, especially in the areas of transportation and housing
Carl is married to Leslee Guardino. In their spare time, they compete in marathons, triathlons and duathlons. They have two daughters, Jessica and Siena, and one son, Jake.
The Silicon Valley Leadership Group, founded by David Packard of Hewlett Packard, is a diverse public policy association of more than 360 dynamic companies shaping the future innovation economy of Silicon Valley, the Bay Area, and the nation.  The Leadership Group’s strength is the breadth of its membership ranging from influential technology name brands, start-ups, civic organizations, and others who, together, account for nearly one of every three private sector jobs in Silicon Valley and contribute more than $3 trillion to the worldwide economy. Through collaboration, we work to find solutions to issues effecting the Bay Area’s economic vitality and quality of life. For more than four decades, the Leadership Group has effectively implemented our members vision by championing public policies, measures, and initiatives at the local, state, and federal level. Through policy expertise and an outcome driven philosophy, the organization strives to advance proactive solutions in the areas of education, environment, energy, government, health care, housing, tax policies, technology and innovation, and transportation


The mission of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group is to engage CEOs and senior officers, who compete in a global economy in proactive, positive efforts that strengthen Silicon Valley and America’s competitiveness for the innovation economy as well as benefit the employees, families and communities in which our member company employees live and work.

Vision and Values;

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group works to be the most effective regional public policy association in the United States, cost-effectively driving proactive public policy, program, and project solutions at the national, state, regional, and local levels of government and for the Bay Area communities in which our Member Companies conduct business.

Who They Are;

  • we are leading employers of Silicon Valley – 360 companies strong
  • we are global companies concerned about our communities
  • we are committed to making Silicon Valley and the Bay Area the best they can be
  • we collaboratively create and implement policies directly affecting the future of today’s innovation economy
  • we achieve results through knowledge, expertise, integrity and tenacity
  • we get in the game and move the ball forward
Todays Topic:
Regional Transportation Initiative
Addressing the region’s crippling traffic crisis allows for improved goods movement, a more efficient workforce, and better quality of life for member company employees and our communities.
In 2018, we are co-leading the effort to both place and successfully pass RM3, a Bay Area traffic relief measure funded by new bridge toll revenue to help relieve traffic congestion, while also working to pursue a three county Caltrain Measure in 2020.
Quantifiable Goals:
  • 2018 MTC Regional Measure 3: Co-lead a Bay Area bridge toll measure to fund projects that relieve traffic congestion on the region’s most congested commute corridors
  • Co-lead the campaign committee, manage the prime consultant (TBWB - Barry Barnes) and lead the field campaign in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties
  • Fundraise and conduct polling throughout Q4 2017 and Q1 & Q2 2018 in order to ensure success of the measure
  • Target of June 2018 ballot (possibly November)
  • Along with RM3, engage in effort to build consensus for other measures in the 2020 timeframe, including a three-county measure and establish a permanent funding source for Caltrain on the June or November 2020 ballot.
    The crippling congestion on the Hwy. 101/Caltrain Corridor remains a major concern for those who operate or commute along the peninsula. As identified by MTC, the Highway 101 corridor is one of the most congested corridors in the Bay Area and State. The Caltrain/HWY 101 Corridor alone is home to 1.6 million jobs, 54 percent of all patents filed from California, 20 percent of California’s GDP and 13 percent of California’s Sales Tax revenue. Caltrain electrification will grow ridership capacity by 80 percent to more than 110,000 daily passenger trips, however, greater ridership can be accomplished through service model changes and other reforms to be addressed in the Caltrain business plan.
    SVLG will continue to advocate for projects and service changes that promote transit ridership and reduce traffic congestion on Hwy. 101, a more effective Caltrain and provide much needed funding for San Mateo County.
    Quantifiable Goals:
  • Engage in Caltrain Business Plan process in order to advocate for changes outlined in the Caltrain Corridor Vision Plan that promote greater ridership
  • Monitor the implementation of the Caltrain electrification process and weigh-in on key decision points
  • Advocate for a continuous managed lane along Highway 101 from downtown San Francisco to San Jose that promotes carpooling and transit usage
  • Support conversion of a managed lane and transit improvements along the Dumbarton
Visit The SVLG Link;

President Bruce Bean
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