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Don Shoecraft
President Anne the Internally Illuminated, is married to a kindergarten teacher with a closet full of costumes so she arrived dressed as a pretty nifty Jack…ess?…o' Lantern…ess? Can hardly wait for Martin Luther King Day.
Because there was so much excitement we couldn't capture the whole meeting in one swell foop, two video links (below) are required to watch the whole thing. Remember to turn on/turn up your volume. Watch it and learn why we can say without fear of contradiction, We have Chief Iverson's back!
AP from the DT
Dennis Thomas claimed to not be trusted to deliver the News, then did a good imitation of the Associated Press: Identical twins delivered the day before by identical twins ("they were both good-looking twins"), Half Moon Bay's pumpkin festival/world's biggest traffic jam just logged a record 2,175-pound squash (some of those gourds are only remotely related to that vegetable in your pie — ed.) and Disney's offering $1,000 to watch 30 Disney movies in 30 days. That's just goofy.
'Dine Around's' Back!
Please join the Rotary Membership group on Nov. 14 at 5:30 p.m., for an exciting, music-filled evening at MidiCi, 68 Hillsdale Mall, second floor. The patio area of this new and exciting restaurant will be reserved for us for a variety of Italian buffet items, including vegetarian, plus desserts, for $40/person. Drinks and wine are not hosted.
Sign up now, all Rotarians and spouses, friends and prospective member guests.  We hope to collect your reservations as soon as possible!
Look forward to a lovely, non-fundraising evening!
Cheers! — Cheryl Angeles, Dick Bennett, Jodi De Smidt, Margaret Taylor and Prez-Anne
There will be more. Dick re-introduced Kristen Jensen as a returning member, heaping praise on her past participation and bestowing upon her the honorable badge #91, that of the late-only-departed-to-Texas Anne LeClair. Kristen said she hopes to contribute in some way and noted she's already been assigned to the Climate Change Committee, which is only slightly older than her new badge.
Luis Padilla was introduced by John Root, Molly Hagerty was introduced by Liz Mayta; Kim Lopez, Acting President of the College of San Mateo was introduced by Mike Claire, Interim Chancellor of the San Mateo County Community College District, and her boss; Karen Vandenberg introduced Mark Roach of the Community Bank of the Bay; Kitty Lopez introduced Nancy Magee, county Superintendent of Schools and President Bellissima's successor, and Brian Sullivan introduced Desiree Lyons.
Fun Run Fun
Alan Talansky said he was looking forward to seeing PrezAnne come out the next weekend and run the race as a pumpkin. Way to roll, Anne.
Tix Pitch
Rosemary Azem recovered enough vocal strength to pitch again for every Rotarian to buy District raffle tickets. She'd like $500, but said she'd take fitty.
Dick Bennett #2
Hold on. There's more. Rising to say he appeared with only one purpose, to express thanks of the Community Development Committee for club support, Dick reported receipts of $8,600 in new donations via the program two weeks ago. Right behind him, we'd guess, is Scholarship, SMART, Community College, Fun Run and a player-yet-to-be-named. How about golf?
Rah-rah Ro!
How can you measure school spirit against a guy who's seen every Cal game since 1948? And he keeps his fantaticism so cleverly under wraps. Ro Bianchi has been honored by the University of California sports program for doing just that. Cal presented him with 50 yard-line seats, free lunch and "more notoriety than I deserve." This is just for you, Ro: Va Ursi!  As a fellow Bear (1971), I feel this club's Stanford bias (who in hell decided to create a green tree mascot called Cardinal?), so it warms me to hear once again Ro's story of winning the float contest in the 1955 Big Game with a walking bear that defecated red feathers. Unfortunately, there was a loser that year, Pappy Waldorf, whose Golden Bears went down to the Stanford Indians (my god, what is it with that school and team names?) on the Farm, 19 zip. BTW, another father figure, Pop Warner, bestowed the culturally inappropriate moniker on the Stanford team.
Never mind. The Bears were a powerhouse in 1886. The Ursis creamed the Orions 29-2 that year —  and Stanford didn't even field a team.
Ro paid for his lack of notoriety with the President's Club.
Tom Stucker was surprised to feel the long reach of President Soup's social media skills and was photographed vis-a-vis the World Series along with wife Petie. Go Giants! Must have been 1886.
Dick Bennett  #3
To Dick went the honor of presenting Jesus Duran and his wife, Kimberlynn. Jesus' is a remarkable story.  Age 28, he is a be-medaled Iraqi war veteran who said his Rotary scholarship not only advanced his education but led him, thanks to the support of Margaret Taylor, into the Santa Clara University business program.  "It was a huge boost not only to my confidence," he said. "It's not just an education. My goal here is to be a positive member of society."
He and Kimberlynn — "She's my best friend. We've known each other since we were 16" — are newlyweds and are about to relocate domicile to San Mateo. We're glad to be the society you're about to be a positive member of.
Deputy Chief
San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department
Fire protection here is provided by a 140-strong staff of first responders dispersed among nine fire stations, six within the city limits and the remainder in neighboring communities of Foster City and Belmont, both of whom contribute financially to the operation.
Fire protection in the county is a "no boundaries" proposition: Wherever the emergency, that's where they go.
Little known fact: San Mateo Fire is first responder to San Francisco Bay. Its boats get there before the U.S. Coast Guard, a situation that arises about once a week, the chief said.
It's also part of Task Force 3, an emergency services unit that can deploy anywhere in the world.
The department fielded 15,000 calls for service last year.
The chief reminded the club that there's a 72 percent chance of an earthquake of 6.7 magnitude or greater by the end of 2043, so get your emergency gear ready and learn to duck and cover.
Many thanks to Dick Bennett (yes, him) and Peter Webb for their photographic skills

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