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Annual Rotary Scholarship Raffle Drawing
May 09, 2019
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
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Bulletin Editor
Don Shoecraft
There's an explanation
For last weeks' elation
Once again it was our occasion
To honor student scholars' education
It was so nice to see our guests
Bright-eyed, eager, young and fresh
And so quite able to express
Thanks for that with which they were blessed
Kudos to teachers, tutors and especially parents
Who helped the students poise for entrance
To a new place of worldly relevance
It's on our shoulders the kids take their stance
To Rotarians we last give a shout
Of course the funding wouldn't be possible without
Their unselfish support, day in, day out
Of the Raffle! That's what it's all about!
John Root, Mike Peterson, Margaret Taylor, Sheila Canzian, Kitty Lopez, Jeff Lowenstein (not pictured: Shawn DeLuna)
Mike Peterson and Dick DeLuna pressed home the importance of the raffle to our student guests and updated some of the newer members who may not have known that over the last 30+ years Rotary has raised and distributed more than $2 million in scholarships to hundreds of local students.
Once upon a time, according to original guidelines, the raffle was the only fundraiser permitted in the club, which gave it the time and resources to develop the outstanding speakers program, which in turn drove membership growth and retention.
By the grace of hard-working committees and volunteers, the club has managed to maintain its highly acclaimed, and imitated, speakers program while broadening fundraising to include other activities, such as the car show and the Fun Run. Growth of the foundation investment fund, through careful management and large donations members like Tom Huening have made, has enabled the club to devote $100,000 a year to scholarships and support three scholastic programs.
Aggregate support will go 'way past $3 million, very soon.
All members deserve thanks — and a plea to sell 5 raffle tickets by  the drawing May 9, this Thursday, so the tradition can continue.
RAFFLE DRAWING IS THIS THURSDAY, MAY 9 at 5:30 p.m. at BOSTON PRIVATE BANK, 160 Bovet Rd., San Mateo. Special thanks to Boston Private for hosting.
As of last week Nancy Stanton had far outdistanced all other raffle ticket sellers with a whopping 59 sold. Congratulations Nancy. Bruce Bean, Luther Izmirian and Jeff Atkinson followed up with 10 each. With 400 sold by Thursday we were within shouting distance of the goal of 500, but it will take a last-minute push, so sell-sell-sell or buy-buy-buy.
Dave Bennett, Chris DeLong, John Root, Nancy Stanton and Luther Izmirian  won the weekly ticket-selling drawing.
Welcome to guests Arne Croce (Remember him? He once gaveled Oscar Lopez-Guerra so hard he made it rain), introduced by Heather Cleary; Lucy Mills (a long-time and generous supporter of the scholarship program), introduced by Sue Winks; Nancy Magee (our county Superintendent of Schools), introduced by Anne Campbell (former Superintendent of Schools and, as if that weren't credential enough, Rotary President-Elect); Reginald Thompson, a colleague of Skip Howie's; and David Lim (you might remember him as a former club member), introduced by Tom Huening (who hinted David might be considering rejoining).
Arne Croce with Mike Claire
Sue Winks with Lucy Mills
Anne Campbell with Nancy Magee
Skip Howie with Reginald Thompson
President Almost-Has-Bean said Aragon High School is hosting a 17-year-old exchange student from Japan who needs a home for the school year. Anyone with room to spare in the service of international good will should contact Bruce.
It's always impressive, heart-warming and sometimes heart-wrenching to hear the stories of student scholars and this year was no different. But first, the stats: The 4-year scholarship program fielded 50 applications this year. Forty-three students went through the interview process, which includes a preliminary interview and personal family visit by one volunteer Rotarian each. Twenty-three students made it to the 8-person final interview panel and 17 applicants were awarded scholarships.
The awards were based on a combination of scholastic achievement, graduation potential, financial need and any other factor the committee determined to be of significance.
The program is designed to give a boost to as many students as possible and is not intended to fully fund any one student. As Margaret Taylor pointed out, though we do what we can, there's almost no way the club can meet the need. In the last 40 years the cost of attending a California state university has increased 1,360 percent; almost all students in California colleges these days winds up with more than $20,000 in student debt.
Why do it? "What we heard over and over was that these were students who care  about their families. They want to help their families and give back to the community," she said.
"They also believe," she added, "that education today is power."
Special congratulations to our student speakers, Alberta Zagorov from Aragon High School, Connor Nordell from Hillsdale and Hossein Taghavi of CSM, who is receiving a scholarship to UC Davis.
Other 4-year recipients were Jasmin Sanchez Hernandez, Gabriel Camacho, Jasslie Altamirano and Tristran Dewing from Aragon, Kushal Karki, Esmeralda Quezada and Briceyda Ramirez from Hillsdale; Andrea Martinez Vera and Lesley Rojas from San Mateo High; Angel Vargas from Junipero Serra and Dania Lopez-Rodriguez, Dianett Sanchez Ortiz, Jesus Duran and Marissa Spadoni from College of San Mateo.
Connor Nordell is the first-ever recipient to go to Gonzaga University in Washington State; he also honored us with the attendance of his mother, Renata, his grandfather, Ray Casseta, his Hillsdale water polo coach Dan Hibson and his twin brother, Benji. It's always a family affair.
Renata, Connor and Benji Nordell, Ray Casseta and Dan Hibson
Scholarship recipients attending community college were Josselyn Flores, Krishna Maharaj, Miyako Tu'avao, Ane Vaenuku and Aimy Willkom from Aragon; Homero Carrillo-Leon, Neal Mora-Ramirez and Eunish Shrestha from San Mateo High and Sunia Tu'itavake from Serra.
Special recognition goes to the school officials, the principals, counselors and advisors who pointed the way or pushed along the students to excel and apply.
From Aragon, it's Principal Pat Kurtz and Advisor Caroline Moala; from Hillsdale it's Principal Jeff Gilbert and Advisor Laura Burtness; from Junipero Serra it's President Lars Lund, Principal Barry Thornton and Advisors Karn Ghidossi and Jane Zoucha; from San Mateo High it's our own Principal Yvonne Shiu and Advisor Steve Hanson; from College of San Mateo it's President Mike Claire and Financial Aid Officer Karen Chadwick. Thanks were extended as well to San Mateo/Foster City School District Superintendent Joan Rosas and San Mateo Unified High School District Superintendent Kevin Skelly for their support and assistance.
Kudos to Photographer Dick Bennett for the Wonderful Pics

President Bruce Bean
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