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Don Shoecraft
Watch the Meeting Video of Ed Montague and the Jan. 9, 2020 Rotary Meeting by clicking on the video icon.
Mike Peterson introduced a slew of good friends, Bill Perry of Advanced Uniform and Linen, Tim O'Hara, retired contractor, Larry Nibbi, Nibbi Construction, Mitch Juracich, noted golf personality and co-host of Hooked on Golf with John Whats-His-Name-nee-Abendroth and Tom Brady, Sr.,who devotes his time now to traveling around the country babysitting son Tom Brady's and Giselle Bundchen's children.
Laura Porter introduced guest and San Mateo City Council Member Amourence Lee
Peter Webb introduced the lovely Pam Webb but inexplicably did not provide a photo (I know how that goes with spouses, Peter).
Bruce Bean introduced Jim Wagstaffe and Dave Privitera (maybe. His name isn't on the sign-in sheet)
Mitch Williams introduced Brett R. MacLeod of Home Helpers.
Liz Mayta introduced Molly Haggerty.
Welcome Guests.
Tom Thompson is feeling well enough to return to the luncheon meeting after back problems. Welcome Tom.


President Anne Campbell presented inductee Nancy Magee who, as Superintendent of Schools succeeded Anne in the position and who continues a tradition of club membership going back to our good friend, Floyd Gonella, devoted spouse of our own Margaret Taylor. Welcome, Nancy.
Welcome to the President's Club CHIEF LARRY IVORSEN, newest chief of the consolidated San Mateo-Belmont-San Carlos fire district. Let's hope this next fire season doesn't send out our fire-fighting staff to far-flung parts of the state or country. Again.
Welcome to the club also KRISTEN JENSEN, who entered by virtue of her acquaintance with Iggy the Iguana of Puerto Vallarta.
An anonymous President's Club Donor has honored the occasion of server Omar's son Edgar's graduation from the University of California at Davis.
Spinnings would now like to acknowledge the superior photographic expertise of PHOTOGRAPHER PETER WEBB, whose yeoman work is reflected in this newsletter, and also to reproduce here the Christmas newsletter's panel that credited his hard work documenting the club Christmas party but that was inadvertently omitted from that newsletter. Thank you again, Peter, for your terrific and skillful work.

President Anne Campbell
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