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CLICK the link below for the complete video account of our meeting including:
• Spectacular pans of numerous unwary Rotarians eating lunch
• Peter Webb's clothing
• Rotarians trying to answer questions about other Rotarians and failing — end-to-end coverage
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Well Hello, Carol
From deep in the wilds of Southern California comes former Rotarian Carol Bullock for a visit. She occasionally passes through on her way north for family and promises to do so again.
There Must Be Something in the Water
A veritable gaggle of guests shared lunch with their hosts and Rotarians; it couldn't have had anything to do with speaker Bob Fitzgerald, who only talked about sports. Let's see if there's a theme here. Mike Peterson introduced Russ Bertetta,Serra class of 1967, retired teacher, coach and alumni director who's now a docent at Oracle Park; Mike Fadelli, Serra class of 1988, formerly with KNBR's advertising department and now development director at Serra; Randy Vogel, who'd been at Serra for 50 years as teacher, coach, counselor and admissions director; Steven Booker, 1986 Archbishop Riordan grad and San Mateo PAL board member; Bruce Anthony, the voice of the Serra Padres' basketball, volleyball and wrestling teams, and Giants part-owner Larry Nibbi of Nibbi Construction, who came in for a double recognition for his sponsorship of the upcoming Fun Run/Walk fundraiser on Oct. 10.
Steve Fick presented his eldest son, Oscar, a former employee of radio station KNBR.
Dan Ionescu introduced Mike Sinclair of Steve Fick's Presidio Bank, husband of Kristen Jensen.
Bob Fitzgerald's mother also was introduced; unfortunately the name was inaudible and she was not on the guest register.
Michelle Privatera introduced her guest, realtor Denise Cronan.
Think the guest list had anything to do with the speaker? (Hint: Fitzgerald moved to Foster City in 1972 at age 6 and graduated from Serra).
Worth Repeating
Peter Webb, who appears to have assumed very role possible (except Spinnings editor; I know you did it years ago but get over here, Peter!) had a great newscast that followed George Burns' advice about a good sermon: It has a good beginning, a good ending and they should be close together. Over the apples in the lunch line at the religious school the nun placed a sign: "Take only one. God is watching." Down the line a child had put a sign over the cookies: "Take all you want. God's watching the apples."
Six Rotarians
Nothing goes with that title better than some silliness. Our Popsicle President drew six names out of the can and Sheila Canzian, Dave Skromme, Martin Harband, Tom Stucker, Rich Orr and Luther Izmirian became contestants in a version of NPR's Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me.
Nobody won. No, Sheila, 1 1/2 answers do not make a right.
The Contestants
Canzian, Skromme, Izmirian, Harband, Orr, Stucker
And Now, Bill Kenney's Son-in-Law
As a favor to Bob Fitzgerald's fan, Mike Peterson, we repeat Fitzgerald's intro here. After subtly insulting the gathered gray-hairs by intimating he wasn't sure we'd get the point "considering the average age of the group," Fitzgerald said 22 percent of the population aged 18 or older use Twitter, but only two percent of Twitter users are responsible for 80 percent of all tweets.
Despite that puny population of twits, if that's what they're called (Guilty! Gray-hair!), entire corporations change direction based on what gets tweeted.
"Perception," Fitzgerald shouted, "is not reality!"
Then he ran off all the wrong perceptions sports fans have about Bay Area pro teams, that Raiders and 49ers are top tier, Warriors and Giants, meh.
Turns out the winningest powerhouse in the Bay Area is the San Jose Sharks. They've been in the conference semifinals, finals or Stanley Cup finals 14 times in the last 16 years.
The Raiders made the playoffs once in 16 years, the 49ers three times the Giants four. The Warriors, with the best five-year stretch of success in pro basketball history made it eight ties.
"Perception is not reality!"
The best sequence in his speech began with Warriors owner Joe Lacob being struck by lightning. No details will be offered here. That's why you should attend Rotary meetings.       
                                    Bill Kenney
Bruce Bean, filling in for Alan Talansky, jitterbugged around the room in imitation of Alan to remind of the upcoming Fun Run/Walk on Oct. 10. Sign up to participate or volunteer.
Lisa Nash solicited support for the 20th anniversary of the San Mateo Public Library Foundation. As President Anne-mated pointed out, the library does lots for Rotary, beginning with hosting our board meetings and other committee functions. Sponsorships at $250 would be welcomed.
Your correspondent, adapting to the video age almost 97 years to the day after the invention of television. Note the thumbs.

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