Welcome to the 2020 San Mateo Rotary Foundation Raffle!
You may buy your tickets by clicking on the 2020 Raffle Ticket Purchase button below and it will take you to checkout where you can buy your tickets.

We encourage each Rotarian to try to sell 5 tickets to get the free 6th ticket, but if you cannot, then please participate at whatever level you can. You may split tickets or even break them up between several people, maybe find 10 friends who will contribute $10 each and then if you win, you split the winnings 10 ways!
2020 San Mateo Rotary Foundation
Scholarship Fundraiser Raffle
Dear San Mateo Rotarians,
Today we find ourselves in the midst of unprecedented times as we shelter-in-place to combat the spread of COVID-19.   Despite the virus, we’re discovering new ways to transact our daily lives and to stay connected to one another.  This is certainly true when it comes to this year’s Raffle which we’ll be conducting primarily on-line.
The Raffle is one of our Club’s principal fundraising efforts and supports the many scholarships we give to SMART and college-bound students.  Last year we provided almost $130,000 – many recipients were the first in their families to attend college.
For a successful Raffle this year, we need every Rotarian’s help!   To reach our $60,000 goal, each San Mateo Rotarian needs to sell or buy at least 5 tickets at $100 each.   For every 5 sold, you receive a 6th ticket free!   Additional incentives include weekly drawings for great prizes at our Thursday meetings and a grand prize for the top ticket seller. 
As soon as you receive your raffle packet in the mail, please contact friends and family about this great opportunity to support local students as they pursue their college dreams. Jeff Lowenstein is in charge of sales and has set up a web link to make it easy to purchase tickets on-line.  He will even fill out the raffle ticket stub for you so it can be entered in all prize drawings!  
If you would prefer to send the actual ticket stubs and a check through the mail, please send them to:
                                              San Mateo Rotary Raffle 2020
                                              P.O. Box 95
                                              San Mateo, CA  94401
Many thanks to our Raffle Committee Chairs - Jim Engel, Michelle Privitera, and Mike Peterson.  Thanks also to the Raffle Committee members – they’re doing a terrific job!
Your efforts will help make college a reality for so many of our community’s college-bound students.  Thanks for your wholehearted support of this vital fund-raiser!
Take good care and be well!
President Anne